Multi Functional 360 ° Digital Printer

  • Socks
  • Leggings
  • Body Size Garments
  • Printing on all seamless knitted fabrics

Main Attractions of Aura Socks

  • 500 Pairs of Socks / Day
  • EPSON 6 Colours Printheads
  • 1440DPI
  • Ready for NeoStampa RIP Software
  • Robust Design
  • Variable Dot
  • True Colours, Sharpest Prints & Consistency


Size 1860mm*620mm*1320mm
Printing Length 20-700mm
Printing Diameter 50-500mm
Weight 160KG


Size 2200mm*620mm*1320mm
Printing Length 20-1200mm
Printing Diameter 50-500mm
Weight 180KG

Aura Heat Curing for Polyester

FEATURES Aura – HS200 Aura – HS100
Voltage 380V 50-60HZ 220V 50HZ
Power 18KW 4KW
Temperature 170-200° C 160-170° C/80-120° C
Transfer Speed 0-10M/min 2.5-3 Minutes
Machine Measure 2020*1400*2000mm 600*730*1220mm
Suitable for Polyester Polyester
Daily Capacity 4000/pairs 1500/pairs

Aura Digital Printing Steamers for Cotton/Nylon

FEATURES Aura – SS300 Aura – SM400
Voltage 220/380V 50HZ 380V 50-60HZ
Power 9KW 30KW
Temperature 102° C 102° C
Machine Measure 660*660*1270mm 1300*1400*2750mm
Suitable for Nylon / Cotton Nylon / Cotton
Daily Capacity 1500/pairs 4000/pairs
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