Heat Tex Hybrid for roll to roll & cut panels

  • The machine is applicable for transfer printing on polyester fabrics
  • This machine can be used not only for transfer printing of uneven fabric cut pieces but also for roll-to-roll printing
  • The blanket & the roller can be separated individually
  • The tension of blanket is adjustable
  • Ease of operation & maintenance

Working Width: 1600 mm ~ 3200 mm.
Mechanical Speed: 0.1 ~ 4 Mtrs / min.
Heating Roller Dia: 420 mm. Oil based uniform heating
Installed Power: 18 KW (for 1600 mm)

Heat-TEX S/D Series


  • Single & Double Side Transfer Machine
  • This machine is perfect for panel transfers for T-shirts, Garments, Flags, Scarves or wherever single side or double side printing is required. The machine has a special heating plate which is electrically heated which gives a uniform transfer. The hydraulic systems adds the pressure ensuring the perfectness of the operation and also reduces noise pollution.

Working Size: 1.0 mtr X 1.2 or 1.5 mtr.
Installed Power: 16 KW.
Heating System: Special Plate Electrically heated
Operation System: Hydraulic Lift

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